Google Nexus 8 prototype spotted in India

Google's nexus 8 tablet prototype was spotted in a cargo manifest coming to India. The manifest confirms that Google is making a tablet and is under testing for now.

Published Date
07 - Jul - 2014
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07 - Jul - 2014
Google Nexus 8 prototype spotted in India

Google has reportedly shipped two Nexus 8 prototypes to India this month. GSMArena spotted the tablet on an import shipment manifest. The prototypes were shipped to Google’s Bangalore office.

Since the cargo manifest does not show the manufacturer of the said device, it is to be believed that the prototypes were directly sent from Google HQ to their Bangalore office for testing purposes. It was earlier rumored that the device would be a 9.9 inch tablet but since the manifest clearly states “Nexus8 prototype” we have reason to believe that this might be 7.9 inch device.

It is rumored that HTC is making the NEXUS tablet codenamed “Volantis”. The tablet supposedly have a 64 bit Nvidia Tegra K1 processor combined with a 2 GB of RAM. It was mentioned in a previous report that the device would come in 16GB and 32GB models. Since Google has not confirmed any upcoming events, thus we are left with the guessing game of whether the Nexus 8 will see its launch this fall.              

Source: GSMArena, Zauba

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