DataWind aims to sell 15 million units of Aakash tablet PC this year

Published Date
06 - Jan - 2012
| Last Updated
06 - Jan - 2012
DataWind aims to sell 15 million units of Aakash tablet PC this y...

Riding high on the massive popularity of the ultra low-cost Aakash tablet PC, DataWind is now aiming to sell 15 million units of the device to individual, corporate buyers and HRD ministry this year. The company also plans to retail the device in countries such as Egypt, Thailand, Panama, Sri Lanka and Brazil. The company has reportedly received huge orders from the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD) for the Aakash tablet and hopes the ministry will procure another 10 million Aakash devices this year.

The Aakash tablet a.k.a UbiSlate 7, released last month, sold out in less than a week. The tablet was later put on sale at an online shopping site, which received a record 1.4 million pre-orders. Also, the upgraded version of the Aakash tablet, Ubislate 7 , has sold out till February. However, there's no word on when the company will start delivering pre-booked Aakash tablets. Read our Guide to get support for Aakash tablet PC after pre-order for more information.

The company has also not revealed how it is going meet such huge volume of orders. The company plans to set up three new plans in the country, but those are likely to be in place as early as April. Currently, the company has only one unit in Secunderabad. Without a proper distribution mechanism, it's unlikely that DataWind meets the demand within the deadline. DataWind's poor customer support mechanism has already added to woes of the Aakash enthusiasts. Read 1.4 million Aakash tablets booked, but where is the support?


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