Apple focuses on enterprise apps to push iPad sales in India

With iPad sales up by 45 percent in India, Apple focuses on enterprise apps to boost sales further.

Published Date
01 - Aug - 2014
| Last Updated
01 - Aug - 2014
Apple focuses on enterprise apps to push iPad sales in India

Apple IPad sales have gone up in India, even if the growth has slowed down in Europe and US. Apple is reportedly tying up with Indian companies to adopt the tablet for their technology needs to maintain its growth.

Apple reported a 45 percent growth in iPad sales in the last quarter in India, and is now working with solution providers to bundle enterprise apps. Apple has tied up with Pune based healthcare application company Praxify to sell its iPad app to doctors and hospitals.

"Apple is helping us expand our reach and offer our solutions to a larger set of customers," said Ram Sahasranam, cofounder and director at Praxify.

Bangalore-based Manipal Hospitals is among the hospitals using the solution. "Doctors were not comfortable typing on a keyboard but iPad Mini is comfortable to carry around and the app lets them write out prescriptions faster than on paper," said Nandkumar Dhomne, CIO of Manipal Hospitals. The hospital has enabled 400 doctors to use iPad for making their daily prescriptions and other work.

Chennai-based MIOT Hospitals has recently bought 1,200 iPads to use Praxify's solution. Apple is pitching its iPad to some private banks and insurance sectors as well. HDFC Life recently bought 2000 tablets for its sales force, out of which 1000 were iPads.

"We are still evaluating which platform would be best suited for our enterprise applications. We might look at scaling our iPad base significantly, if that turns out to be the ideal choice," said Subrat Mohanty, head of strategy and technology at HDFC Life.

Apple last quarter earnings report saw iPad sales of 15.3 million. Apple also reported an increase in the sales of iPhone and Macs in Indian market. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that iPhone sales in India have increased by 55% in the last quarter, y-o-y. Reportedly, Apple's buyback scheme for the iPhone in October-December 2012 quarter resulted in a huge 400% increase in sales.

Source: TOI