Apple drops iPad 2 prices in India, now starting Rs. 24,500

Published Date
09 - Mar - 2012
| Last Updated
09 - Mar - 2012
Apple drops iPad 2 prices in India, now starting Rs. 24,500

Apple lovers rejoice! We may not have a launch confirmation of the new iPad in India but the IPad 2 has seen a price drop globally. With the launch of the New iPad (which will be available in the US beginning March 16th), the price of the iPad 2 in India has fallen.

Customers can pick up an iPad 2 Wi-Fi only for Rs. 24,500 and the iPad 2 Wi-Fi 3G for Rs. 32,900. In the US too, the iPad 2 saw a drop in price of $100.

If you wanted to pick up a 32GB or 64GB version of the iPad 2 you’d better hurry as Apple will discontinue these models (due to the obvious reason of the price overlap).

With the cheapest iPad now costing Rs. 24,500 the competition will have to fight a price war. We can expect to see competing tablets slash their prices over the coming weeks or offer bundle deals on their products (remember the BlackBerry Curve PlayBook offer anyone?).

If you are confused as to which tablet device is right for you, you can check out our iPad 2 versus the new iPad tablet comparison here.

So, the big question remains; is anyone still interested in picking up the Asus Transformer Prime in India for Rs. 50,000?

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