Aakash tablet now selling on NCarry.com

Published Date
26 - Dec - 2011
| Last Updated
26 - Dec - 2011
Aakash tablet now selling on NCarry.com

If you missed out on ordering the Aakash tablet last time, here's good news for you. DataWind's ultra low-cost tablet is now available at online shopping site NCarry.com. The Aakash was previously exclusively available at the aakashtablet.com. The Ncarry.com is offering the Aakash tablet for Rs. 2,499 along with Rs. 199 shipping charges. Though customers are given option of cash on delivery, but the site stresses that it will give preference to online paid orders as they have limited stock of the Aakash tablet.

It may be recalled that that Aakash tablet was sold out in less than a week it was released online. However, the last update we had on the Aakash that DataWind had delayed its delivery till January. The Aakash tablet was supposed to be delivered within seven days of the order. A spokesperson of DataWind said the people who had booked the tablet online would start receiving the device in January.

Aakash tablet is now also available on Ncarry.com

DataWind is still taking pre-orders of the UbiSlate 7, the upgraded version of the Aakash tablet, which is slated to arrive early next year. The UbiSlate 7 a.k.a Aakash 2  comes with various improvements over the present Aakash tablet. Read our detailed analysis on why you should skip the Aakash tablet and choose the UbiSlate 7. Also read, five reasons why UbiSlate 7 should have been the original Aakash tablet. For more details on the availability of the Aakash tablet on NCarry.com, click here.


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