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ஆல்காடெல் One Touch Watch

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By Digit Desk | அப்டேட் ஆனது மீது 09-Apr-2019
Market Status : LAUNCHED
Release Date : 11 Sep, 2015
Official Website : Alcatel

Key Specifications

  • Type



  • Power (Battery,mAh)

    Power (Battery,mAh)


  • Compatible OS

    Compatible OS

    Android 4.3 and Above, iOS 7 and Above

  • Water Resistant

    Water Resistant


ஆல்காடெல் One Touch Watch Price in India: ₹ 4,999 (onwards) Available at Buy now on Amazon Store
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ஆல்காடெல் One Touch Watch Specs

Size : 1.22
வகை : Li-ion
Resolution : 240 x 240
Pixel density : 283
Touchsreen : Yes
Clock face : Analog
Power : 210
வகை : Li-ion
Charging Mode : USB
Bluetooth : v4.0
Wireless Protocol : No
USB Connectivity : No
NFC : Yes
Accelerometer : Yes
Gyroscope : Yes
பிராண்டு : Alcatel
Model : One Touch Watch
வகைகள் : Smartwatch
Dial Shape : Circle
Dial Colour : Black
Strap material : Rubber
Strap colour : Black
Weight : 55
Compatible OS : Android 4.3 and Above, iOS 7 and Above
Fitness Feature
Step count : Yes
Heart rate monitor : Yes
Calorie count : Yes
Hours slept : Yes
Watch Function
Chronograph : Yes
Date & Time Display : Yes
Alarm Clock : Yes
Text Message : Yes
Incoming Call : Yes
Alarm : Yes
Water Resistent
Water resistant : Yes

ஆல்காடெல் One Touch Watch Brief Description

ஆல்காடெல் One Touch Watch யின் 11 Sep, 2015 இந்தியாவில் அறிமுகமாகிவிட்டது அணியக்கூடிய சாதனங்கள் சிறப்பம்சத்தை பற்றி தெரிந்து கொள்ளுங்கள் ஆல்காடெல் One Touch Watch இந்தியாவில் கிடைக்கிறது.

ஆல்காடெல் One Touch Watch Price in India updated on 9th Apr 2019

ஆல்காடெல் One Touch Watch Price In India Starts From Rs.4999 The best price of ஆல்காடெல் One Touch Watch is Rs.4999 on Amazon.

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User Reviews of ஆல்காடெல் One Touch Watch

  • Absolute rubbish!
    Naveen Kumar on | 01-09-2017

    3 time my charging cable affected and after the warranty period when I visit to sevicecentre it cost more than the cost of watch

  • poor quality
    Aditya Chaudhary on | 01-05-2017

    just brought it online but the battery is not getting charged... poor experience

  • Worst Product don't buy
    Susheel Singh on | 01-05-2017

    using from 15 days battery is not charging please dont buy

  • Bad Experience
    Satya Prakash Rout on | 01-03-2017

    I had just purchased this watch from Flipkart,(may,2016)the delivery took some time.Then I received this watch ,it performed well for first 2months then it stopped charging then I submitted to the service center(Only 1 service center in Banglore 3Com technologies),they took nearly 1.5 months and gave me a complete replacement for the watch,I collected and started using ,then again after 2.5 months it again stopped charging.I approached the service center they took the watch and after like 15 days they said we searched this outdated watch but was unavailable and we searched for its upper version SM03 go watch that was also unavailable, they offered me three mobile models in replacement of the watch ,all the 3 models were total crap.Now I have written to the alcatel customer support ,Hope I get my money or a good watch this time.

  • Absolute rubbish!
    Sanub Fasal on | 01-11-2016

    Watch stopped working in 4 months

  • My watch is no syncing with my phone app.
    Praveen Adari on | 01-06-2016

    The phone is getting paired with the watch, but it does not sync any data. It used to work well before and suddenly do not know what had happened, its just blank readings all the time. Tried resetting the watch. Did all sorts of install/uninstalls but nothing worked. There is nothing on the web even to troubleshoot it ourselves. Satisfied with the product initially, but now completely dejected the way it works. The firmware is a big issue with the watch and it never got updated since the time I'm using this.

  • Basic needs of smart watch are very well met.
    Suraj BC on | 01-01-2016

    Basic needs of good smart watch from my perspective - Best battery life, good display, different clock views, app notifications, call reject-mute, heart sensor, activity tracker, music&camera control and good looks.. All these are met with this smartwatch.. This watch has STM 188Mhz processor(lighter is more battery life) with light-OS(Alcatel proprietary OS enough for above functions), so battery life with even this 200mah battery is 3-4 days. I have tested it !!! Other Android wears like Moto360, SamsungGear, LG & Asus use heavyweight Android(Linux is heavy) OS, so they need minimum 1Ghz processor for smooth run, coupled with 350+mah battery. But still they can never give you more than 1-day battery life for their heavy OS+Processor. Extra features they have are Call Accept, OpenAPI for clock faces & Google Talk. I have never used google talk effectively and taking calls on Watch is not the necessary of watch. Cons - Nothing for its price. Maybe if Alcatel opens its API for more clock faces development by third party developers.. But this also can cause overhead for the light OS+Processor.

  • Doesn't Last Long
    TSR on | 01-12-2015

    Exactly after one year doesn't even charge now :(

  • Only compatible with Android 4.3 and above
    Lalita Chhetri on | 01-10-2015

    Firstly the +tives - beautifully designed watch - feels sturdy - grey silver + black combination works perfectly - easy set up and use - long adjustable strap that feels high quality - customizable faces, including the pictures - fast delivery by Flipkart - Battery back is really very good, lasts into 3rd day (compared to Moto 360 which needs charging every 10 hours) now the negatives - the strap does not latch securely- becomes easily loose - the flat tire at the bottom of the dial looks awkward and ruins the look somewhat - AND MOST ANNOYINGLY as someone who is still stuck at Android 4.1 its a shame I can't install the ONE TOUCH WAVE APP that is IMPORTANT to get the most out of the watch- will need android 4.3 or above to get it working. So be careful if you are using older version of Android. So, now I am just stuck with a smartwatch that does not do anything besides telling time. Despite all this, I still like the watch and hope for something better from Alcatel in future. UPDATE:

  • Look and Feel is Good
    Savith Salian on | 01-09-2015

    The Stuff is Good. Configuration with Iphone was smooth, just install the app on the phone and enable, the connection is done. Email notification works good SMS notification works good Call notification works good Camera worked at the start...not working now...testing as i am writing this. The phone tracker was fun

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