Why a 4TB Portable Hard Drive makes perfect sense

Speed, cross-platform compatibility, security and a lot of storage space is what Seagate has to offer.

Published Date
17 - May - 2016
| Last Updated
17 - May - 2016
Why a 4TB Portable Hard Drive makes perfect sense

With time, our need to store, sort and preserve our precious memories and other important data on storage media has become more of a high priority than it ever has been in the past. Technology has become so ingrained in our daily lives that we can’t even imagine going on a trip with loved ones without a trustworthy camera phone. As we become more dependent on our smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, what does that mean about the resultant data? The order of the day is a high-volume, fast, secure and device-agnostic storage solution that is easy to use and affordable. Seagate is a solid brand, which offers a wide range of options that cater to all of these.

Even a 128GB smartphone will fill up eventually and for many people out there, these are photos & videos of memorable experience which are irreplaceable. However, take the Seagate 4TB Backup Plus drive for instance. It gives you the opportunity to store over hundreds of thousands, if not millions of high-quality pictures, songs and videos. Not to mention the important documents that you require for work or other professional pursuits, which would usually eat space up on your laptop or desktop. 

One option to protect your data would be online cloud storage solutions like OneDrive and similar web/app services. But this is an unfeasible option for the customer who is even remotely sensitive to price, as the cost per GB of cloud storage is extremely higher than that of offline storage solutions. Add to that the faster read speeds and write speeds of portable hard drives with respect to the cloud counterparts - you’ve a clear victor in terms of what you need to buy to take care of your valuable data. In fact, the icing on the cake is that Seagate’s storage solutions like the Backup Plus 4TB offers a 2-year free access to 200GB worth of Microsoft OneDrive space. You just can’t beat value additions like that.

Now that we’ve decided to use an offline storage solution for your information, how easy is it to manage it? Turns out - it’s pretty easy. In a world of interconnected devices talking and whispering to each other, a device-agnostic solution is the only way to go. The Seagate Dashboard, packaged along with the Lyve photo & video management app, turns every Seagate hard drive into a backup device - protecting and preserving memories that you capture across all devices. Lyve apps for computers and mobile devices will find all the photos and video from your various devices and create a single, organised collection, which can easily be viewed from your smartphone or tablet – no matter where you are. With Lyve’s “Moments Past” feature, photos and videos taken on this day, week, and month throughout your collection are resurfaced, so you can rediscover your memories from years past. Seagate’s storage solutions also come bundled with free NTFS drivers, essentially making it compatible with Windows and Mac laptops. 

Keeping in mind all the points mentioned above, portable hard drive solutions come in all sizes, enabling you to pick the one that meets your lifestyle and needs. For instance, if you are a Road Warrior who is always on the go, the small and sturdy Seagate Backup Plus 4TB is the one for you. Last but not the least, Seagate’s reliable post-purchase customer care and dependable warranty offerings naturally makes the Backup Plus 4TB drive the logical purchase to make.

As a digital equivalent for the nostalgia packed inside a hardbound photo album of yesteryears, there is no other option than Seagate’s Backup Plus 4TB.

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