Pushing Cf Limits

Published Date
01 - Oct - 2008
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01 - Oct - 2008
Pushing Cf Limits

World Record Compact Flash Cards


Photography enthusiasts around the world have reason to celebrate as Pretec flew past its own record for the highest capacity compact flash card ever made. The record stood at 48 GB, but the new ones have a storage capacities of 64 GB and 100 GB. These cards are used by enthusiast and professional cameras around the world.

Size is not the only record that Pretec has a tendency of breaking. They also break records in the data transfer speeds of the cards. The 64 GB and 100 GB cards transfer at speeds of 32 Mbps, whereas the lower capacity 32 GB and the 48 GB cards transfer data at the speeds of 50 Mbps. The 32 GB cards with the fast data transfer speeds cost more than the 64 GB cards with the slower data transfer speeds. The cards are housed in a metal casing that are resistant to impact and shock — making the cards ten times more resistant than ordinary cards.


The cards are aimed at cameras that handle high resolution images and large chunks of video data. A lot of videographers and photographers in the industry work with uncompressed data, which makes these cards ideal. Furthermore, the four of the 64 GB cards can be re-configured into an array to make a 256 GB SATA or IDE SSD, with another world record for the smallest IDE SSD to have such a storage capacity at 2.5 inches.


The 32 GB card is priced at $630, and the 64GB card is priced at $399. The 48 GB and 100 GB cards will be available at the end of the year.



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