Crystals to offer a million-fold increase in digital storage; coming soon

Published Date
03 - Mar - 2010
| Last Updated
03 - Mar - 2010
Crystals to offer a million-fold increase in digital storage; com...

Top researchers at Florida State University, Naresh S. Dalal and Sir Harold Kroto, might just have discovered the next-big thing in computing – crystals that could one day lead to crystal computer chips. This radical application of crystals might just be possible in the future with the four newly-found “multiferroic” crystals, and its chips might  lead to storage devices that are almost a million times as spacious as current technology, and far more secure, as they will be written both electronically and magnetically. "Finding four multiferroic materials at one time is quite scientifically significant and opens numerous doors in terms of potential applications.", says Dalal.


Also interesting, is that these memory crystals will be much more eco-friendly, as there will be almost no dependance on lead. But, as exciting as these crystals might be, don't hold your breath waiting for them, as Sir Harold Kroto says that the discovery is “where the transistor was when it was first invented," and that "it's a long, hard road before we catch up". Check out more details at the university's website.

Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal