Windows 8.1 update leaks ahead of its March release

Microsoft's first update to Windows 8.1 has leaked ahead of its scheduled release in March. New update improves on keyboard and mouse experience.

Published Date
04 - Feb - 2014
| Last Updated
04 - Feb - 2014
Windows 8.1 update leaks ahead of its March release

Microsoft's update of the Windows OS 8.1 has already leaked on a few file sharing websites ahead of the scheduled unveiling event in March.

The leaked screenshot reveals new updates related to navigation, a new tile bar along with major overhauls in the keyboard and mouse functionality. The new update will allow users to pin apps directly onto the desktop start icon, doing away the need to go to the start screen.

The new tile bar of Windows 8 style apps will now give users the option to close, minimize and snap apps simultaneously allowing users to quickly navigate through apps. Along with that, improvements have been made to the start screen where a right click on the Live Tiles will pop up a menu with options to resize, move or remove an app.

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The new update will also feature the search button and the shutdown option right on the Windows 8.1 Start screen. The search is still the same- old side bar interface while the shutdown icon gives drop-down list style for restart, shutdown and sleep.

We expect Microsoft to release the final version if this update on March 11.

Source: TheVerge