Vivaldi updates their web browser, brings in new customisation options

Vivaldi web browser released their fourth technical preview, the final before the beta that gives you more customisation options.

Published Date
16 - Jul - 2015
| Last Updated
06 - Jun - 2017
Vivaldi updates their web browser, brings in new customisation op...

Vivaldi, the web browser created by former CEO of Opera, released its fourth technical preview which will be the final one before their beta version. The fourth technical preview highlights their new customisation options that lets you control themes, tabs and other sections in the web browser according to your preference.

The fourth technical preview of Vivaldi lets you select between four themes that changes the UI from light gray to a dark charcoal. You can adjust the sizes of the back and forward buttons, and change the position of your tabs and bookmarks anywhere on the browser – top, bottom, left or right. Vivaldi boasts of having more than 155 million ways to customise the interface and UI of the web browser.

Other than the customisation options, Vivaldi has also tweaked up their mouse gestures, making it possible to switch tabs and activating your keyboard using gestures on the mouse. They have made it easier to remember keyboard shortcuts in the browser by including a cheat sheet that you can refer to anytime. Finally, they are working on extensions which is still a work in progress and so far you will be able to install and use the AdBlock Plus extension for Chrome in the Vivaldi web browser.

Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Vivaldi Technologies said,"We have a saying, when in doubt, make it an option." He later added,"Some people fear choices. But your web browser is something you use throughout your day. Shouldn’t it look, feel and work the way you want it to?”

You can download and try Vivaldi here.

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