New OnePlus 6 Oxygen OS update will bring battery percentage, front camera portrait mode

OnePlus has rolled out an update to Hydrogen OS in China bringing battery percentage and front camera portrait mode among other features. These will be rolled out to Oxygen OS given the company tends to release similar updates on both operating systems.

Published Date
08 - Jun - 2018
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08 - Jun - 2018
New OnePlus 6 Oxygen OS update will bring battery percentage, fro...

There's good news for OnePlus 6 users as the next update to Oxygen OS will bring battery percentage, front camera portrait mode and game optimisation to the phone. A user received this update on Hydrogen OS in China and posted it on the OnePlus forum. Since OnePlus announced its efforts to merge Hydrogen OS and Oxygen OS back in 2016, the company has been releasing similar updates to both the operating systems, hence, there is a high possibility that the new update bringing all these features will also be rolled out to Oxygen OS soon.

Giving further details on the update, a report in the UK edition of Gizmodo explained, “In the Hydrogen update was activation of the front facing selfie camera, which was originally announced at launch, a portrait mode preview for the rear camera, game optimisations, phone call voice optimisation, the option to automatically add Bluetooth calls in headphone mode, and a battery percentage icon in the status bar.”

The previous update to the OnePlus 6 enabled new features on the device but removed the Always On Display (AOD) feature from the phone leaving several users complaining on OnePlus forum. Users said that before the update, there was an option of choosing between Always On Display or Lift Up Display, but the latest update has removed the AOD option from settings completely.

Always On Display is quite handy for taking a quick glance at the time and date, along with checking for app notifications.

OnePlus' official stance on the issue is that the the always on display on the OnePlus 6 was removed "due to battery saving concern”.

While the update removed AOD, it brought 720p slow-mo and 1080p video recording at 480fps and 240fps, respectively alongside a compatibility mode for hiding the notch. The May security patch for the OnePlus 6 was rolled out with the update which also added the ability for the device’s camera to quickly capture images in portrait mode.

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