HTC confirms it's not working on Siri rival

Published Date
25 - Jun - 2012
| Last Updated
25 - Jun - 2012
HTC confirms it's not working on Siri rival

The internet has been abuzz over the last few days with rumours that HTC is prepping its own voice recognition software, similar to Apple's Siri and Samsung's S-Voice. Speculations of HTC-branded voice recognition software were triggered after the company put a strange image on their official Twitter and Facebook pages. The image suggested that HTC had a voice recognition software for dogs – which everyone assumed to be cover up for a real thing! But later, HTC's Jeff Gordon in a follow up tweet clarified the image was fake.

HTC's strange photo that led to all sorts of speculation

HTC has apparently taken a dig at the rival companies, which are extensively promoting their voice-recognition applications. Apple initiated the war in the voice control segment with Siri, which is due to launch for iPad tablets very soon, along with iOS 6. Samsung recently entered the segment with S-Voice on the Galaxy S3 device. Earlier this week, LG also announced its own voice-powered software called Quick Voice app.

HTC says it was just celebrating pets week

Google has long been rumoured to be working on its own voice-recognition app, codenamed Project Majel. Rumours in March suggested Google will be launching "Google Assistant" by fourth quarter of this year. However, the latest reports suggest Google's voice-based assistant may launch at this week’s Google I/O.

Whether HTC is really working on their own Siri voice assistant rival is still unknown. What do you think of an HTC voice-based personal assistant for its smartphones such as HTC One X and One S? Let us know in the comments section below:

Source: Android Community

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