7 weird and strange apps for your Smartphone

By Hardik Singh | Updated 19 Jan 2016

The productivity of a smartphone OS is often defined by its app ecosystem, but there are times when developers go overboard. Some apps on Google and Apple's app stores are plain strange or wierd. Here is a list of seven such apps.


Gold Detector

The developer describes this as an exact replica of the highly classified GDX-100-AUS gold detector. The real one though detects gold nearby, while this one only looks like the detector and has no real purpose.


Pointless Button

Points for honesty here, this app tells you straightaway that it is pointless. Except that it isn't, as you press the button a few times, you start unlocking pictures etc. and may be intrigued as to what all you get with more clicks.


I am Rich

This app seems more sarcastic than anything else. Before it was banned on iTunes, the app costed about $1000. But the app does nothing, it simply puts an image of a red gem on your screen. It's more like they were mocking the people who can spend $1000 on an app. Surprisingly, eight people had even bought it.


Hold the Button

How long can you hold a button? Well, that's exactly what this app tries to find out. You have to press and hold a button and a timer will measure how long you did so. The app maintains a world leaderboard as well. It's even more pointless than the Pointless Button.



This app amplifies the air coming out of your Apple device in each beat, which is enough to blow candles from a close proximity. There is no such secret hardware in your Apple device which the app unlocks.


Pimple Popper

Ok, squishing zombies or insects is one thing, but pimples? Is that really what you want to do with your new iPhone? This app gives you a choice of pimples to choose from and squish. Gross!



How this app ever got investments worth a million dollars is anybody's guess. The app simply lets you send the message 'Yo' to your friends and peers. In fact, TV Series Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul took it a step further, with another app called 'Yo B****'. No prizes for guessing what that does.


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