Aadhaar biometric authentication to use iris verification in near future?

Delta ID, the company presently pushing for more affordable iris sensors, wants to partner with the government to present more reliable and accurate biometric verification than fingerprints.

Published Date
17 - Apr - 2017
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17 - Apr - 2017
Aadhaar biometric authentication to use iris verification in near...

Biometric verification is the certain way forward for consumer-grade mobile security standards, with most smartphones today housing fingerprint sensors instead of PINs and passwords. Delta ID, meanwhile, wants more smartphones to integrate iris recognition technology that can be further used in Aadhaar biometric verification. The company has recently held tests at MGNREGA in Telengana, and even passed the Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification (STQC) tests by producing 99 percent accuracy of iris-powered biometric verification.

Alongside stressing on increased accuracy of iris sensors, Delta ID is also said to be working on more affordable iris sensor units for smartphones. This is being held as key for Aadhaar biometric verification with iris to go mainstream, as until now, the lack of affordable iris sensors have led to most smartphones relying on fingerprint sensors only. Now, recent studies have revealed how fingerprints and corresponding sensors go through significant physical wear and tear over time and make them weaker in terms of longevity and accuracy.

The biggest advantage of iris sensors is the lack of physical interaction on it - iris being a protected organ that does not degrade with age, and sensors not requiring physical contact, leads to significantly longer stability and higher accuracy. It is this that Delta ID is aiming to cash in on, and following ts certification by STQC, will be pitching for more smartphones to include iris sensors.

As of now, Samsung has previously unveiled a tablet last year with iris verification, and is also bringing the more secure standard with its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8. With more smartphones including iris verification eventually, this may finally lead to more phones include iris sensors, and eventually, be adopted for mainstream Aadhaar verification.

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