Toshiba unveils 18TB MG09 Series Hard Disk Drives

The Toshiba MG09 series is the company's first energy-assisted hard drive and features capacities up to 18 TB. First samples to be available in March 2021

By Press Release | Published 24 Feb 2021 12:27 IST
  • Features Toshiba's 3rd Gen Helium-sealed design and Flux Control - Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording (FC-MAMR) technology

  • Storage capacity is now at 2 TB per disk using CMR

  • The MG09 is Toshiba's first hard drive with energy-assisted magnetic recording

Toshiba unveils 18TB MG09 Series Hard Disk Drives
Toshiba unveils 18TB MG09 Series Hard Disk Drives

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (Toshiba) announces the 18TB MG09 Series HDD, Toshiba’s first HDD models with energy-assisted magnetic recording. The MG09 Series features Toshiba’s third-generation, 9-disk Helium-sealed design and Toshiba’s innovative Flux Control – Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording (FC-MAMR) technology, to advance Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) density to 2TB per disk, achieving a total capacity of 18TB.

Sample shipments of 18TB MG09 Series HDD to customers are expected to start sequentially at the end of March 2021.

With 12.5% more capacity than prior 16TB models, 18TB MG09 CMR drives are compatible with the widest range of applications and operating systems. The MG09 are adapted to mixed random and sequential read and write workloads in both cloud-scale and traditional data center use cases. The MG09 features 7,200 RPM performance, a 550 TB per year workload rating, and a choice of SATA and SAS interfaces—all in a power-efficient Helium-sealed industry-standard, 3.5-inch form factor.

Toshiba MG09 Enterprise Hard Drive 18TB CMR

The MG09 Series further illustrates Toshiba’s commitment to advancing HDD design to meet the evolving needs for storage devices in cloud-scale servers and Object and File storage infrastructure. With its improved power efficiency and 18TB capacity, the MG09 Series helps cloud-scale infrastructure advance storage density to reduce capex and improve TCO (total cost of ownership). As data growth continues at an explosive pace, advanced 18TB MG09 with FC-MAMR technology will help cloud-scale service providers and storage solution designers achieve higher storage densities for cloud, hybrid-cloud and on-premises rack-scale storage.

“Toshiba’s new 18TB MG09 Series delivers new levels of storage density and power efficiency to our cost-conscious cloud-scale and storage solutions customers. Our HDD technology is able to achieve our customers’ critical TCO objectives at a cost of pennies per GB,” said Shuji Takaoka, General Manager of the Storage Products Sales & Marketing Division at Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation. “Our 3rd generation 9-disk Helium-sealed design provides a field-tested foundation for achieving a massive 18TB capacity. The addition of Toshiba’s innovative FC-MAMR technology advances CMR capacity to 18TB, delivering compatibility with the widest range of applications and operating environments.”

Toshiba MG09 Specifications

The product specifications for the Toshiba MG09 are as follows:

Form Factor 3.5-inch
Buffer Size 512 MiB
Rotation Speed 7200 RPM
Data Transfer Speed
268 MiB/s
Power Consumption
SATA 4.16 W
SAS 4.54 W
MTTF/AFR 2 500 000 h/0.35%
Weight (Max) 720 g

Additional details can be obtained via the data sheet available on their official web site.

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