IP-COM introduces AC1000 wireless controller

By Press Release | Updated 30 Jun 2016
IP-COM introduces AC1000 wireless controller
  • IP-COM states that the AC1000 wireless controller is specially designed for SMBs

IP-COM has introduced the AC1000 wireless controller. The company says that the device is specially designed to provide network solutions for SMBs such as low star and chain hotels.The AC1000 can manage access points in five different sub-networks or different VLAN. The IP-COM AC1000 also comes with a free lifetime license.


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IP-COM, a leader in manufacturing and Supplying Commercial networking products and solution has introduced AC1000 wireless controller to its innovative product portfolio. The AC1000 provides fast, easy maintenance networking solution for SMB’s

Designed specifically for small and medium-sized business, the AC1000 is easy to install and deploy. This device is ideal and most cost savings for industries such as Hotels, Shopping Malls, and Hot Spot zones, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Airports.

IP-COM AC1000 is hardware controller which can perfectly match with all IP-COM Access Point. It’s specially designed to provide network solution for SMB such as low star and chain hotels. AC1000 can centralized managed up to 128 Access Points. It can manage AP in 5 different sub-networks or different VLAN. With bypass forward mode, AC1000 can provide fast roaming for APs in Layer 2. With AC2000, AC1000 can work as slave AC and be managed by AC2000 in different location which can help the administrator to install, manage and monitor APs at a single location more easily. With AC1000 customer gets personal cloud AP management and saves cost on yearly subscription as IP-COM comes with life time free license 


Key Features:

  • Easy to configure, manage and monitor AP,
  • Maximum AP managed number up to 128,
  • No yearly subscription or renewal 
  • Remote manage multi branch AP and AP controller,
  • Built-in captive portal server and customized welcome page,
  • Access device type and customer behaviour statistic,
  • Personal Cloud AP Management,
  • Abundant wireless feature management,
  • Multi branch AP and AP Controller Management,
  • Multipurpose Wi-Fi Marketing System, 3000 end client.
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