Bing offers detailed information about 2016 Indian Assembly Elections

By Press Release | Updated 18 May 2016
Bing offers detailed information about 2016 Indian Assembly Elections
  • Bing allows voters in India to stay updated by providing information about the different parties and candidates in their area

Microsoft Bing is providing comprehensive information about the 2016 Assembly Elections in India to voters. The service lets voters stay updated by providing them detailed information about parties and the candidates in their area. The service also guides them to their respective polling stations by displaying the location of the polling booth. Voters can access the feature by entering their Voter ID on the Bing search.


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India, the world’s largest democracy, recently witnessed elections for the formation of new Legislative Assemblies in five of its States - Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. Electing the right candidates to represent the State for the next five years is a job that entails great responsibility and voters in these States are gearing for the task.

Bing assisted the voters in these five States to stay updated through the elections journey, and make an informed decision by having comprehensive information about the parties and the candidates right at the voter’ fingertips. For the 2016 Assembly Elections, Bing offered rich experiences to users on both mobile and desktop in four languages – English, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam. With the help of #IKnowMyVote on Twitter, users were also able to track the latest updates and conversations from the five States.

The rich Bing experiences ensured that voters had ready access to all the information that they sought, and that they never lost track of the latest developments around the Assembly Elections. These experiences include:


Information on Polling Station and Local Representatives
Not every individual takes keen interest in politics and is ready to make an informed decision. As a first step, Bing helped voters to get details about the candidates contesting the elections from their respective constituencies, and imparted information on the present elected head and the party he/she belongs to. Having equipped the voters with the right information, Bing also guided voters to the polling stations by displaying the location of polling booth.

The feature also enabled users to access all this information by simply entering their Voter ID on Bing search.

Comprehensive Results Coverage
At present, Bing is offering comprehensive coverage of the elections, from live updates on the day of the polls. It will also provide detailed analysis and information on the final election results in the five states. Users will get rich media experience around live results. 



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