Armour 4.0 Home Automation System launched in India

By Press Release | Published on 15 Jan 2019
  • The Armour 4.0 features a touch panel with customiseable screen area, icons and more.

Armour 4.0 Home Automation System launched in India


EBTL has announced its Armour 4.0 Home Automation System in India. Amour 4.0 is a mobile assisted automated solution for homes and works with the Amour 4.0 Mobile App. 

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EBTL, one of the leading companies in Home Automation in the Global Market launches Amour 4.0 - India’s Most Innovative and Simplified Home Automation System. The patented Home Automation and Smart Switching solution are expected to create a breakthrough in the Indian and Global Markets.

Amour 4.0 is a mobile assisted smart switching solution for modern homes. The product has been designed and developed to realize the dreams of people to have a safe modern house with all smart and automated facilities. The exclusive features of Amour 4.0 Mobile App make them more user-friendly and technologically upgraded. The ‘Made in India’ product from EBTL has already gained wide accreditation in the market with its previous versions and is expected to set new trends with the latest version.

Excited with the launch of Amour 4.0, Mr. Monish Salhotra, Co-Founder - EBTL said, “Since inception, EBTL has resolved to leverage most advanced technology to make lives easier and Amour 4.0 is our latest product in our exclusive portfolio. We have been proposing customized cost-effective solutions for homemakers and households depending on their requirements. With Amour 4.0, we anticipate to increase our clientele base and position ourselves at a global level. The exclusive advance features and 5 years of trusted assurance make our product standalone in the industry segment. We have groomed Amour 4.0 as a ‘Made in India’ product to showcase the development and tech ability of our nation as well.”

The company has proposed cost-effective solutions for homemakers and households depending on their requirements. With an approximate cost of INR 1.5 lakh for a 3BHK home inclusive of installations costs and product warranty, Amour 4.0 is projected to be the best indianized home automation solution with the most advanced features.

Amour 4.0 entails the following features

Amour 4.0 is a patented Indianized solution that has the following features:

·         Touch Panel with customizable screen area (with any image or color)

·         Customizable icons

·         In built TFT screen

·         In built USB-C

·         Lights control

·         AC control

·         Fan regulation

·         Lights Dimming

·         Hub-less automation

·         Wireless automation

USPs of Amour 4.0

·         TFT technology for improved image quality

·         Ecstatic design

·         Micro USB-C ports for enhanced and easy connectivity

·         Quick and Easy Installation in 10 Minutes

·         Cost Effective and Pocket-friendly

·         Works on normal cables (no need of CAT6 wiring)

·         5 years of assurance

·         User Friendly

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