Strontium launches its gaming-oriented performance RAM - the pWn series - in India

Published Date
07 - Dec - 2010
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07 - Dec - 2010
Strontium launches its gaming-oriented performance RAM - the pWn...

Strontium pWn RAM modules

Strontium, a fast growing brand of flash memory products, has just announced a new performance range of random access memory modules, called pWn. Almost everyone knows what that means in gamerspeak, but only benchmarks and gamers will tell just how well the pWn series of RAM modules rack up against the competition.

[RELATED_ARTICLE]For now, the Strontium’s pWn series offers RAM modules ranging from DDR2 1066MHz to DDR3 2000MHz, offering something for most modern gamers and their systems. According to the company, the :new gaming series features good memory timings, fast clock speed, good for small overclocking and heavy gaming at a reasonable price point.”

Know that they all support triple channel memory architectures, and for more details and prices, check out the below table. Unfortunately, those looking to augment their DDR3Where to buy 11699 1333MHz RAM will have to look elsewhere.

Model Name
Street Price
DDR2Where to buy 750 3532 6460 1066
PC2 8500
4GB (2GB x2)
2.0~2.1 Volts
Rs. 3,950
DDR3Where to buy 11699 1600
PC3 12800
4GB (2GB x2)
1.5 Volts
Rs. 4,850
DDR3 1600
PC3 12800
6GB (2GB x3)
1.5 Volts
Rs. 5,950
DDR3 2000
PC3 16000
4GB (2GB x2)
1.65 Volts
Rs. 4,950


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