Sony premieres PS3's new motion controller "Move" @ GDC [pics & video]

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11 - Mar - 2010
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11 - Mar - 2010
Sony premieres PS3's new motion controller "Move" @ GDC [pics & v...


Sony's new Playstation 3 motion controller's name has been conjectured about for months now, and one of the Japan trade-marked official possibles was the Arc. Sony has now officially premiered the product at yesterday's GDC event, and has confirmed its name to be the Playstation Move motion controller. Despite the fecund suggestions of millions of gamers and suggestions, Sony has gone ahead and been boring.

Sony's Move motion controller (right) and sub-controller (left)

The Move motion controller is described by Sony as device that “delivers unmatched accuracy through its advanced motion sensors, including a three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer, and a terrestrial magnetic field sensor, as well as a color-changing sphere that is tracked by PlayStation Eye camera." Check out the Playstation Move trailer below.


The new sub-controller was the big highlight of yesterday, apart from the name of the platform, and is a one-handed device “developed to further expand the game play options that the Playstation Move games can offer”, and features a directional buttons along with a analog stick. The regular Sixaxis Wireless controller can also be used instead of the sub-controller, to provide a similar experience. All the wireless technology is via Bluetooth, and the controllers feature Sony's lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.


A screenshot of upcoming Move supporting game - Sports Champion

The entire system will retail this fall, and Sony promises that more than 20 Move titles will also release by the end of this year. As of now, “36 third-party developers and publishers have decided to support” Playstation Move platform. Some of the games that have been revealed to support the Move platform are: SOCOM 4, LittleBigPlanet, EyePet, Move Party, Slider, The Shoot, Sports Champion, and TV Superstars.

The entire PlayStation Move platform, including the Eye camera and possibly one game, is expected to be priced at under $100 dollars, not including the optional sub-controller, which still has no name. Don't waste your time thinking of one, Sony is sure to come up with some thing boring, if anything at all. Don't forget to check out the hi-res picture gallery below, which includes a screenshot of another Move title, The Shooter.


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