Kobian launches its new iXA Slim External DVD Writer @ Rs. 2,400 - with USB connectivity and power supply

Published Date
05 - Apr - 2010
| Last Updated
05 - Apr - 2010
Kobian launches its new iXA Slim External DVD Writer @ Rs. 2,400...

Kobian announced the launch of the latest iteration of its iXA Slim External DVD Writer today, the iXA M890-AS DVDRW. Slim and simply designed, the external DVD writer is affordable at Rs. 2,400, and is powered by a single USB interconnect cable, which it also uses for data transmission.

Weighing less than 400 grams, the iXA Slim External DVD Writer is useful and convenient to carry companion for those on the move, especially because of its single USB connectivity, and is perfect for those who do not have a DVD writer on their netbook, laptop, or desktop. Its DVD writing/rewriting speed is 8X, while its CD writing/rewriting speed is 16X.


iXA M890-AS DVDRW - Slim External DVD Writer


Kobian, founded in 1978, manufactures computer components, peripherals, and consumer electronics under the brands of Mercury and iXA, and has factories in India and China besides offices in 10 countries and 350 distribution channels.

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