If Keyboards Could Rule the World...

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12 - Mar - 2009
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12 - Mar - 2009
If Keyboards Could Rule the World...

Keyboards are some of the most heavily abused components of any computer. Yet the abuse and torture they go through in our hands gets no consideration, and people usually head for the cheapest. Finally a keyboard has spoken up, and proven that keyboards can do more than just be hit on.

Presenting the Optimus Maximus keyboard, a keyboard so wonderful that you’ll probably give up typing, just so it doesn’t get spoiled. This 113 key monstrosity has an OLED display embedded in each key! The keyboard is capable of changing what is displayed on each key, and no, not so you can watch a movie while you type.

The keyboard supports changing its layout on the fly, so you can actually choose a different key layout for each application you use! So a keyboard layout in Photoshop could show the icons for the action you are going to perform rather than show alphabets, a layout for a music play can show the media controls. Furthermore you can create your own keyboard layouts, by editing a template, and painting right onto the keys! Otherwise you can edit the font, and styles of each key individually.

The keyboard is capable of showing immediate responses to key presses, such as capitalizing the letters on the keyboard when you have caps lock pressed, or showing the extended keyboard when your press alt shift.

This presents a huge advantage to gamers, or people who type in multiple languages, or in fact anyone who uses different applications that use the keyboard differently. The keyboard is currently in its design stages, and doesn’t work as well as expected, but manages to impress nonetheless.

To find out more: https://www.artlebedev.com/everything/optimus/
To try a live demo:
To watch a video of it in action:
https://stadium.weblogsinc.com/engadget/videos/Optimus-Maximus-first-test.mp4 (Warning: Large size, over 60MB)

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