Gaming peripheral test 2010

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23 - Jul - 2010
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23 - Jul - 2010
Gaming peripheral test 2010

Critical headshots

 If you’re any sort of gamer, you know that tools are an important part of the trade and while human skill is tantamount, proper equipment is very important. Gaming mice and surfaces are about razor precision as well as making a statement and sometimes, bling. We try our hands on some of the deadliest rodents to ever set Teflon feet on mat. 

An oft-used adage – a bad carpenter blames his tools. You’ve heard of this, yes? When it comes to gaming, however, the carpenter, gamer, whoever, could very well be justified in blaming his gear. Just the same, it’s not the mouse that makes the man, so don’t please don’t think that buying an expensive gaming mouse is all that separates you from becoming the next Fatal1ty! But if you’re a reasonably good gamer, a good mouse and matching surface will definitely lift your game and could possibly make all the difference.

For us, the skill of the gamer accounts for 90 per cent of the equation, a good set of gaming equipment would account for the remaining 10 per cent. Keyboards, mice, controllers and even mousepads, (or surfaces as we call them), are very personal articles, perhaps as personal as a cell phone. What is good for you might not be good for another. And mice in particular, are designed with the contours of the human hand in mind; no two hands are alike, so no mouse will feel the same to different people. It’s also about what you are accustomed to. Take the best gamer used to a particular keyboard, mouse and key mapping, give him a different keyboard and mouse with a radically different layout and he’ll be nonplussed. Some gamers, who get used to a particular mouse or keyboard are so paranoid, they buy ten or fifteen pieces of that device, so that even if it is phased out of production, they have sufficient stock to get them through the next ten years.


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