Cooler Master X6 air cooler launched at Rs. 4,299

Published Date
07 - Jun - 2013
| Last Updated
08 - Feb - 2018
Cooler Master X6 air cooler launched at Rs. 4,299

Cooler Master has announced the launch of a new CPU cooler, the X6, which reportedly offers outstanding performance at a reasonable price.

According to Cooler Master, the new air cooler incorporates some of the best thermal management techniques that improve heat dissipation, such as new fin array design, angled base, optimized airflow fan and shrouds to direct airflow.

The unique fin array employs a honeycomb structure that increases surface area by almost 20% compared to a flat arrangement, thus maximizing cooling performance. More spacing between two fins lowers resistance to air flow and the shroud with air ducts channelizes air to cool even better. The X6 come equipped with a high-performance PWM controlled fan that’s optimized for performance/noise.

What’s unique about the X6 is the new angled base that allows the CPU cooler to be installed in conventional manner. This unique arrangement reinforces the airflow path within the chassis such that hot air is expelled efficiently without the need for an extra chassis fan.

With the X6, Cooler Master has tried to make installation process as painless as possible, with the package including brackets for almost all modern processor sockets. The fan mounting is simple and secure, with clips for easy removable and maintenance.

Made for gamers and overclockers, the Cooler Master X6 has a stylish design, with red fan blades surrounded by a satin black body.

Pricing & Availability:
The Cooler Master X6 CPU cooler is priced at Rs. 4,299 (MRP) and carries two year warranty. The X6 is available ex-stock and distributed in India by Abacus Peripherals Pvt. Ltd.

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