Computex 2011: Antec's cool-running High Current Pro 1200W PSU puts on a show [video]

Published Date
06 - Jun - 2011
| Last Updated
06 - Jun - 2011
Computex 2011: Antec's cool-running High Current Pro 1200W PSU pu...

Antec is well-known for its power supplies, apart from its cabinets and other PC accessories. We caught up with a demonstration of Antec High Current Pro 1200W PSU, called the HCP-1200. It is capable of outputting 99% of its rated power on its eight 12V rails, which are designed for high maximum loads.  It is a 80 PLUS Gold-certified unit, and boasts of High Current heavy-gauge 16 AWG wiring that supposedly reduces conducted resistance, and improves efficiency and power delivery.

HCP-1200 comes with 2 x 8-pin modular CPU connectors for dual-CPU gaming and server applications, and is seen here supporting various SLI configurations of Nvidia GTX 580 and 590s, at the same time, at nearly 1600 watts. Guess those gold-plated high-current terminals for ‘optimal conductivity’ actually come to some use. The power supply at this load was also surprisingly cool, something refreshing in the kilowatt-class power range.

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