ASRock's Z87 motherboard line-up unveiled

The entire lineup of Z87 motherboards from ASRock for the upcoming Intel Haswell series of processors has been unveiled.

Published Date
07 - May - 2013
| Last Updated
31 - Jan - 2018
ASRock's Z87 motherboard line-up unveiled

The much awaited launch of Intel’s next generation Core processor family (Haswell) is just around the corner.

The internet is already being flooded with images of different Z87 motherboards from various manufacturers as the launch draws near.

ASRock has unveiled a bunch of their upcoming Haswell-capable Z87 motherboards which have been divided by them in three different series such as the Z87 Formula series, the Z87 FATAL1TY series and the Z87 Extreme series. Starting up with the Z87 Formula, let’s look at boards from each of the divisions one-by-one.

There are three motherboards in ASRock’s Z87 Formula series which have a black and yellow colour scheme. These boards are mainly made for overclocking and cater to the overclocking crowd. The boards in this series are the Z87 OC Formula/AC, Z87 OC Formula and Z87M OC Formula and these motherboards will have a hybrid cooling solution on their components along with Digital PWM and High C-Caps. These motherboards not only have on board OC switches but also have dual voltage measurement points. 


Next-up we have the ASRock FATAL1TY series which has the ASRock Z87 Professional and ASRock H87 Performance each of which follow a black and red colour scheme. The Z87 Professional includes a PCI Express 3.0 x1 slot, three PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots and two regular PCI slots. The Z87 Professional also has 8.1 channel audio by Sound Core 3D. The ASRock H87 Performance is a budget friendly FATAL1TY series board with three PCI slots, two PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots. For video output the board has a VGA port, a DVI port and HDMI outputs which will work using the 4th generation Intel HD Graphics. An A-PureStyle audio chip provide high quality audio through the motherboard.


The ASRock Extreme series has five motherboards, the Z87 Extreme 11, the Z87 Extreme 9, Z87 Extreme 6, Z87 Extreme 4 and Z87 Extreme M4. This series will have motherboards which use large heat pipes for cooling and all the boards will have a matte black finish. The Z87 Extreme 9 will also have two thunderbolt ports. The Z87 Extreme 6 on the other hand is a budget friendly board with simple design and three PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots and also onboard WiFi. The Z87 Extreme M4 will be a Micro-ATX board based on the Z87 Extreme 4.

We are looking forward to the launch of Intel’s next generation processors and we hope their performance is good enough. Until then check out this link which supposedly shows an Intel Core i7 4770K overclocked to 7GHz.

Are you waiting for Haswell too? If yes, then what are your thoughts and expectations about the new processor family?

Source: TweakTown and VR-Zone