AMD RX 480 price dropped further down to Rs.20,990

That's 20,990 for the AMD RX 480 4 GB and 22,990 for the 8 GB SKU

Published Date
26 - Jul - 2016
| Last Updated
26 - Jul - 2016
AMD RX 480 price dropped further down to Rs.20,990

It seems AMD is all set to please the Indian gamer with yet another price drop for its AMD RX 480 graphics cards. And this price drop comes quite close towards the launch of the RX 470 and the RX 460. Needless to say, the competitive pricing of the NVIDIA GTX 1060 for the Indian market has led to this price drop by Rs. 2,000 for the RX 480 4 GB SKU which is a little hard to come by. And by Rs. 4,000 for the RX 480 8 GB SKU. As of today, the official prices for the AMD RX 480 stand as follows:

AMD Radeon RX 480 Indian Pricing
 Chipset  Memory  New Price  Old Price 
RX 4804 GBRs. 20,990Rs. 22,990
RX 4808 GBRs. 22,990Rs. 26,990

Launch prices for the AMD RX 480 (Rs. 28,990 for 8 GB) were tremendously overshooting the overseas pricing and the first price drop brought much needed relief. The second price drop makes one wonder why the prices were inflated so high but is nevertheless a welcome change. What remains to be seen at this point is if NVIDIA will respond in a similar fashion, to these price drops, with the GTX 1060.

These prices are inclusive of import Duty, shipping, retail/distribution margin and taxes so you should find the RX 480 in the market for these prices only.

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