People evacuated as iPad battery explodes in Amsterdam Apple Store

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 20 Aug 2018
People evacuated as iPad battery explodes in Amsterdam Apple Store
  • No major casualties have been reported. Apple Store employees are said to sustain minor burns while containing the defective iPad.

While Apple is already fighting an iPhone battery crisis, an incident in Netherlands has grabbed the eyeballs of people from all over the world. An iPad exploded in an Apple Store in Amsterdam while people were busy shopping in the area. Soon after a tiny explosion, the store was evacuated because the explosion had released potentially harmful substances into the air. Apple’s Amsterdam store has been temporarily closed.


According to Dutch news website iCulture, Apple Store employees secured the defective iPad and the punctured battery in a sand container. The defective device did not emit any fire or smoke but potentially released harmful chemicals. The firefighters worked to ventilate the area and clear out harmful vapors, if any. No one sustained any major injuries but Apple Store employees sustained minor burns possibly while containing the defective iPad.

Battery problems have been plaguing Apple for a quite long time now. Last year, Apple announced a programme in which it replaced batteries of iPhone 6 and above. It competitor, Samsung has also had its share of flak when the batteries of the Galaxy Note 7 started to explode in different parts of the world. The South Korean giant later stopped the production of the phone and gave the customers of the phone the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones.

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