Next gen Nvidia Shield gaming tablet gets certified

By Hardik Singh | Updated 3 Jul 2014
Next gen Nvidia Shield gaming tablet gets certified
  • Nvidia is preparing for the launch of a next gen Shield which will be a tablet with 3G and 4G connectivity

Nvidia has plans to launch a new gaming tablet as a part of its Shield line-up. According to the Global Certification forum (GCF) website, an Nvidia tablet with the marketing name of “SHIELD Tablet” has been given certification. Since the device has been registered as a SHIELD tablet we are pretty sure that this will be a gaming device from Nvidia. The website further reveals that the new Shield may also come with 3G and 4G connectivity. Last year Nvidia took a new step in handheld gaming with its Shield handheld gaming device. With its 5 inch display and an attached controller, the Shield looked like it could compete against the likes of the Sony Playstation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS.  


The certification does not reveal the spec sheet but going with the rumors it might come with a 7.9 inch display with 2048 x 1536 resolution. The tablet in question will have a Tegra K1 processor running the show. We might be speculating but the new Nvidia Shield tablet may very well provide strong competition to the “Project Fiona” tablet from Razer.


Source:, tabtech(german)

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