Next gen iPad shows up slimmer, sexier in leaked photos

By Nikhil Pradhan | Updated 10 Oct 2013
Next gen iPad shows up slimmer, sexier in leaked photos
  • The iPad 5 may be revealed in an event later this month and may look more like the iPad Mini than previous iPads.

The next iPad (what is it this time? The 5th, right?) is expected to be launched at an Apple event on October 22 in San Francisco. But true to tradition with other Apple devices, the rumour mill has been hard at work churning out leaked details of the tablet. The newest glut of info comes to us in the form of leaked images from blogger Sonny Dickson. Of course, you’d be wise to keep in mind that like most leaks and rumours, a pinch of salt would be handy by your side when looking at these images.

As the images below will attest, the next iPad will be much slimmer and will have a more ‘squarish’ profile, more in line with the iPad Mini than the previous iPads. Apart from that, the iPad 5 may also come packing a gun-metal finish, which at least in these images, makes the tablet look amazing. Apple has never really shied away from making great looking products, so it won’t really be a surprise if the next iPad does actually come out of the shower looking like what these images depict.

There’s been very little said about the next iPad’s specs although some leaks point at the integration of haptic feedback, an upgraded camera and a faster processor. We’ll get to see how many of those actually come to life on October 22 (which, I should remind you, is itself a rumoured date).

Till then, feast your eyes on the alleged iPad 5


Source: Sonny Dickson, PC Advisor

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