India's $35 tablet to be unveiled tomorrow, launched in December

By Team Digit | Updated 4 Oct 2011
India's $35 tablet to be unveiled tomorrow, launched in December

Three years in the making, India’s low-cost tablet, a.k.a the $35 tablet, a.k.a. Sakshat, a.k.a. $10 computer, is on track to be unveiled tomorrow. Designed by a team of researchers from IIT Rajasthan and other institutes, the $35 tablet will be manufactured by Datawind, a UK-based firm best known for its other tablet offering – PocketSurfer, and assembled in India.


The “world’s cheapest tablet computer” is due to launched in December, and it will at first be made available to colleges across the country, at $35, or Rs. 1,750. The price is subsidized for these educational institutions, with the actual cost of production roughly Rs. 3,000. Retail pricing and availability has not yet been revealed.

The announcement due by the team tomorrow should hopefully also bring along a name, which is conspicuously absent for now. The latest known specifications of the $35 tablet are: Froyo OS, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, 256MB of RAM, 2GB inbuilt storage, expandable up to 32GB via microSD (2GB microSD card bundled)

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