Seagate set to announce 8 TB 3.5-in hard drive

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 27 Aug 2014
Seagate set to announce 8 TB 3.5-in hard drive
  • The company hasn't announced a price yet, but Seagate's new device is currently the only one to boast such storage space in 3.5 inch devices.

Storage manufacturer Seagate is looking to take hard drives to a whole new level. The company is reportedly announcing a hard drive that has 8 TB of storage capacity, making it the first 3.5 inch drive with that much capacity. Before this, Western Digital had held the top spot with its 6 TB drive.


While WD used helium to reduce the friction on the spinning disks, Seagate did the same without helium. They are replicating the same feat with their 8 TB drive now. What Seagate is doing is overlapping tracks, which means that a new track is being written partially on top of the track before it. This is what has allowed the company to jam all that space into such a small drive. Tracks here refer to the circular data tracks that magnetic hard drives use on a spinning disk.

The company hasn’t announced a price for the new 8 TB drive yet. The 6 TB hard drive from Seagate is priced at $300 (Rs. 18,150 approx.), so this should definitely be higher.

Source: Tech Crunch

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