PNY 8GB World’s Smallest Pen drive

By Team Digit | Updated 7 Apr 2009
PNY 8GB World’s Smallest Pen drive

It seems things can’t get small enough! Although pen drives have always been targeted as pocketable devices allowing you to keep your world in your pocket, you will have recently noticed that they are not only getting better in storage capacity but also in smaller in size. Now that their function has been established, the focus has shifted to fashion. Pendrives now days come in all kinds of looks and sizes. From simple smooth blocks to actual thumb shaped devices!


Here PNY has introduced its Micro Attaché pendrive, which is remarkably small in size, without compromising performance or functionality. Being only 1.25” in length and 0.5” in width it is indeed really small.

However it still manages to cram in 8GB into that small a size. It may resemble SD / MMC cards however unlike SD/ MMC cards, it doesn’t require any extra adapters or cables to attach to a computer, it plugs right into the USB port. Despite its small size, it promises the same performance as any other USB 2.0 pendrive with a 30 MB/s transfer speeds. Being entirely solid-state, it is also as durable as any other pendrive.

Not only is it small but it also weighs only 6gm! With technology this small the only problem you might face is how much more easily it can get lost! However for anyone who wants a small, compact pendrive that does not compromise on performance or capacity, check out PNY’s 8GB Micro Attaché.


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