iTwin allows secure remote file access via USB and internet

By Kul Bhushan | Updated 6 Dec 2011
iTwin allows secure remote file access via USB and internet

Chennai-born Lux Anantharaman has created iTwin, a pair of identical USB drives, which allows users to share data remotely and securely. Unlike Google Docs, which moves your files to the cloud, or Dropbox, which synchronizes files between multiple computers (also via the cloud), iTwin stores everything on your hard drive. You just need to insert one USB in your PC and carry the other along. Whenever you want to access the data, all you need to do is connect the USB drive to any computer with Internet connection, and gain access to all your files securely, without any requirement of any third-party software. The iTwin costs about Rs. 5,000.


"It is a cable-less cable," says Ananthraman, who's a 1994 IIT-Madras grad and an Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore postgraduate. "It's easy and secure like a cable for transferring files between two devices, but without the hassle and clutter. No tricky software installations, no lengthy configuration procedures and no complicated logins or passwords. Plug it in and you are ready to go”.

Ananthraman further says that his iTwin has more advantages than other free cloud services such as Dropbox and Sugarsync. He points out that the iTwin ensures data is stored only on users' computer and sharing is fully encrypted. Also, the procedure is very simplistic as it does not involve setting up of different software and plug-ins. In case one loses one USB, all he/she needs to do is unplug the other one from the PC. Moreover, one can also disable the other USB remotely, using a passcode generated at the time of sharing, very much like sharing of files via Bluetooth.


While discussing the company's future plans, Ananthraman reveals that they are presently focussing on the US and European markets but India is also on their priority list. Read more details about the iTwin here.

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