Hi-tech's eDiary - World's first electronic diary sneaks into the Indian market

By Vinod Yalburgi | Published on 17 Sep 2014
Hi-tech's eDiary - World's first electronic diary sneaks into the Indian market
Hi-tech's eDiary - World's first electronic diary sneaks into the Indian market

eDiary - the World's first electronic diary invades India

Hi-tech Solutions, a company that focuses on designing and manufacturing innovative products for the personal and corporate productivity segment, has reportedly announced the launch of World's first electronic diary called “e-Diary”, meant to provide a huge freedom from carrying heavy laptops and backpacks.

The eDiary is reportedly designed to capture the handwritten pages and store them in the computer at the click of a button. It is said to be simple, sleek and stylish mirroring the form factor of a notebook, that is both trendy and portable. It is claimed to support hand written notes on any kind of paper and still store the information digitally. It purportedly incorporates a standard B5-sized paper notebook fitted with a small base unit at the top-margin and a special electronic pen (e-Pen), that is meant to work in co-ordination with the base unit. Thus, it captures the handwritten strokes sequentially and stores them in the notebook's internal memory, which can store up to 100 pages in one shot. This data can then be downloaded to the PC through an USB cable. It is estimated to weigh just 40 grams and could be easily carried in a handbag or a briefcase.

The eDiary is said to be very versatile and user-friendly, allowing the user to organize notes and also convert the handwritten notes to computer text format. Also, it is claimed to allow file search by names, by date and by specific words within the notes. It is also said to support to-do-lists, events & appointment reminders, take printouts, share the notes by e-mail or transfer hand-made drawings to editing software like MS-paint and CorelDraw after converting the file to tiff format.

The eDiary is claimed to be very useful for executives, doctors, financial consultants, students and journalists, as they need to periodically take down notes for later reference. With its ability to function like any other normal diary or notebook, it does not require the user to learn any special skills. Thereby, emphasizing its user-friendliness and asserting its usability value. It purportedly comes in an elegant faux-leather cover in multiple colours and design options to suit modern lifestyles and distinct user tastes.

The eDiary is reportedly the latest amongst a host of "innovative" tech-products from Hi-Tech which lives by the motto, “You Imagine We Deliver”.

Hi-Tech eDiary is said to be available online on www.letsbuy.com   at a price of Rs. 9, 350, and carrying a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year. Shortly, it is expected to be available with all select retailers across India.
For more details on eDiary, you could visit: www.ediaryworld.com

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