Windows 8 public beta to be unveiled today

By Abhinav Lal | Updated 29 Feb 2012
Windows 8 public beta to be unveiled today

Microsoft will be releasing the public beta for Windows 8 today, finally giving the general public a chance to try out the new operating system, ahead of its launch sometime at the end of the year.


The new OS does many firsts for Microsoft, it offers versions for both ARM and x86 hardware, and, features an alternate Metro UI, with touch-friendly apps, enabling support for portable devices like tablets.

A lot is riding on just how well Windows 8 will be received, and Microsoft is certainly trying to be forward-looking in the face of the slowing desktop PC market, by targeting the new contender in the sphere – tablets.

As you remember, Windows Phone 8 will also share the same NT kernel with Windows 8, allowing for a better connected app and services ecosystem, and cross-platform functionality.


Stay tuned for more details about Windows 8 public beta, as they are revealed.



Abhinav Lal

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