Windows 10 to take less storage space by using smarter compression

By Hardik Singh | Updated 17 Mar 2015
Windows 10 to take less storage space by using smarter compression
  • Windows 10, Microsoft's upcoming operating system will take less storage on your primary drive, help you save some precious storage.

Microsoft will be launching the Windows 10 platform later this year and despite some new features, the OS will take less space on your hard drive. Microsoft has revealed that the upcoming operating system will be using storage saving techniques, which will enable it to save approximately 1.5GB of storage for 32-bit and 2.6GB of storage for the 64-bit version of Windows.


Microsoft says it has also redesigned Windows’ Refresh and Reset functionalities, which are often pre-installed by manufacturers as a separate recovery image. It says that the storage footprint of this recovery image has been reduced by almost 4-12GB, depending on PC make or model.

This takes the total storage saved to nearly 15GB for some computers. An important factors that dictates how much data can compressed without compromising your system speed is how much RAM is being used. This storage saving and compression algorithm will also be applied to phones running the Windows operating system in the future. 

What this means is that the upcoming Windows 10 OS will occupy lesser space in your disk. In addition, making a recovery drive won’t require 6-8 discs and will be possible with much less. Lastly, future handheld devices such as ARM powered tablets with limited internal storage will have more storage space for the user.


Take a look at Windows 10 Technical Preview

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