Upgrade to Windows 10 with ease, with Microsoft's latest update

By Souvik Das | Updated 16 Nov 2015
Upgrade to Windows 10 with ease, with Microsoft's latest update
  • The latest update to Windows 10 by Microsoft will recognise activated copies of Windows 7, 8.1, and provide Digital Entitlement to free upgrades

Upgrading to Windows 10 just became even easier. In yet another push to make Windows 10 reach more computers worldwide, Microsoft’s latest update for its latest operating system acknowledges previous iterations of Windows operating systems that were previously authenticated, leading to automatic authorisation of the free one year upgrade to Windows 10, that Microsoft has been providing to users worldwide.


With this, one can directly upgrade from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to Windows 10 without halting repeatedly, for upgrades. The official statement by Microsoft on this latest update reads that this will work only on pre-activated copies of Windows. However, trial upgrades on Windows Insider copies have revealed that users currently installing the older versions of Windows can avail the direct upgrade, too. For instance, if there is an unused key for any of the older Windows versions starting from Windows 7, one can authorise his purchased Windows 7 key to directly upgrade to Windows 10, without the hassle of step-by-step upgrading.

Windows 10, Microsoft’s ace in the realm of personal computing systems, was launched in India on July 29, 2015, following which it has found worldwide acceptance and generally warm reception among the large base of Windows PC users. Two days into its launch, Microsoft released a statement claiming Windows 10’s reach crossing the 14 million mark. A first update to Windows 10 was rolled out about a week into its tenure – a standard update featuring ‘non-security’ patches and bug fixes. Microsoft had also released a cumulative update packing in all of Windows 10’s fixes and patches into one, in its attempt to make the new operating system a more stable environment to work on.

While Microsoft’s focus is primarily focused on services, Windows 10 Mobile has also found steady progress, albeit being overshadowed by Windows 10 for PC. Microsoft has announced two new phones in the Lumia line of smartphones, that will serve as ultimate flagship Windows Mobile devices. At his recent keynote address in Microsoft Future Unleashed conference, Mumbai, CEO Satya Nadella focused majorly on the power of Windows on mobile devices and other larger form factors, and its adaptability across devices of varying types, with Windows 10 and Continuum being at the heart of all this.


Additionally, Microsoft has also been rolling out the Windows 10 update for Xbox One, and with the latest update being provided to Windows 10, Microsoft is pushing heavily for its target of reaching out to 1 billion devices, in a time span of 2-3 years.

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