Opera 11.60 released, with new engine, mail client and more

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 6 Dec 2011
Opera 11.60 released, with new engine, mail client and more

Opera 11.60 “Tunny” has been launched, for PC, Mac, and Linux, featuring an improved rendering engine (Presto 2.10), a few interface changes, extended web standards support, as well as security and performance enhancements, making it more stable, safer and faster than before.


Changes in Opera 11.60 include an all new mail client, with a cleaned up look and features like a two-lined message list, mail grouping, new settings dialogs, and pinning. Also new, is the featherweight address field with star button, and the star menu, which allows you to easily star and manage your bookmarked webpages.

Opera 11.60 has better compatibility for the web, and includes a new HTML5 parsing algorithm which helps unify code discrepancies among browsers. It also has new support for HTML5 Microdata, CSS3, SVG, CSS4, ECMAScript 5.1, and Google’s new geolocation JSON AP. Opera 11.60 reportedly comes with new network code, that establishes secure connections smarter, thus boosting speed on SSL sites.

For a full list of changes, refer to the changelog. You can download Opera 11.60 from here.

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