OnePlus conducts Twitter poll pitting Android against Oxygen OS, keeps poll alive unlike Xiaomi

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 15 Feb 2018
OnePlus conducts Twitter poll pitting Android against Oxygen OS, keeps poll alive unlike Xiaomi
  • A OnePlus employee conducted a Twitter poll similar to what Xiaomi did a few days back. OnePlus CEO commented on the Twitter poll to say “Don’t delete this poll,” even though Oxygen OS lost to Android in the poll.

Following on the heels of Xiaomi, OnePlus also conducted a Twitter poll pitting its OxygenOS against stock Android. The poll was not conducted on the official OnePlus Twitter account, but was instead posted by a OnePlus employee. When it was posted, OnePlus’ Oxygen OS was speeding ahead of Android initially, however, stock Android caught up to Oxygen OS and surpassed it resulting is a 58 percent vote share in favour of the Google-made operating system. Oxygen OS, on the other hand, garnered a 42 percent vote share from the Twitterati.


What’s interesting to note here is that OnePlus CEO Carl Pei commented on the Twitter poll saying, “Don’t delete this poll,” taking a direct dig at Xiaomi which conducted a similar poll a few days back and then deleted it from its Twitter page after its MIUI lost to Android.

Xiaomi’s MIUI scored a similar result against Android as OnePlus’ Oxygen OS - 57% to 43% in favour of Android. In this case, OnePlus took the higher road by not deleting the poll. The OnePlus employee who originally posted the twitter poll later thanked participants and said, “Thanks for an overwhelming amount of responses. I've read all your comments. Appreciate the positive and, especially, negative ones. It motivates us for further work on OxygenOS and helps improving the product. Cheers!”

It is refreshing to see OnePlus turn criticism of its Oxygen OS into something positive. However, it would have been better if the poll was shared on the official OnePlus Twitter account or by Carl Pei himself.

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