Norton pushes new software security solutions for India

By Abhijit Dey | Updated 4 Nov 2016
Norton pushes new software security solutions for India
  • Norton Security has released new software security solutions for India based on a subscription model, at an introductory price of Rs. 749 per year.

Norton Security by Symantec, has launched new security solutions and services in India across various platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. It’s based on a subscription model classified under three packs including Standard, Deluxe and Premium. The Standard pack is the most basic one which works on one device – either a PC or a Mac – selling at an introductory price of Rs. 749 for a year's subscription.


Apart from their existing technologies used to secure devices, safeguarding financial transactions and protecting user's internet browsing experience, they have included few new security technologies. These include Proactive Exploit Prevention that prevents hacks from Zero-day vulnerabilities, Emulation Technology where suspicious malware and infected files are emulated to determine potential harm, and finally a Predictive Machine Learning Engine to detect the ever evolving new and unknown malware. The new software will be able to scan Mac systems faster while leaving a small memory footprint. Another important feature released in the new service is the My Norton web portal that lets Norton Security users to manage their subscriptions and control the features on multiple devices. 

Users will be able to buy all security solutions directly from Norton’s website. The Standard pack starts from Rs. 1,399 for a year’s service, which will frequently be subject to special offers, including the introductory price. You can check out the detailed pricing of all the packs here and also have a quick look below. The prices are only for the first one, two or three years, accordingly. After that, regular charges apply.

Number of devices: 1 PC or Mac
1 year: Rs. 749
2 years: Rs. 1,199
3 years: Rs. 1,399

Number of devices: Max. of 5 devices (any platform)
1 year: Rs. 1,299
2 years: Rs. 1,999
3 years: Rs. 2,499


Number of devices: Max. of 10 devices (any platform)
1 year: Rs. 2,799
2 years: Rs. 4,199
3 years: Rs. 4,999

The Standard pack includes the regular internet security features and full official support from a Norton expert. The additional features in Deluxe includes the additional support for multiple devices and access to a web portal to manage the protection over all your devices. The Premium pack includes further additional parental control features, automatic backups for your sensitive files and documents, and 25GB of cloud storage that can be expanded if required. Norton also has equivalent mobile applications of their services on both Android and iOS, where the app alerts you about risky Android apps before you install them.

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