Mozilla Firefox browser now available in Tamil

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 21 Aug 2013
Mozilla Firefox browser now available in Tamil
  • Mozilla Firefox browser is now available to users in Tamil with the efforts of members of Free Software Foundation (FSF) in Tamil Nadu.

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) in Tamil Nadu has worked hard to make the Mozilla Firefox browser available in Tamil. All the features of the browser like settings, navigation bars, tools, history, and other instructions will be in Tamil. To install the browser users can download a plug-in for Tamil from the official Mozilla site – Home>Firefox>Languages.


Mozilla releases a new version every 3-4 weeks mainly by contributions by volunteers across the world. The Firefox browser is available in more than 120 languages worldwide, including some Indian regional languages like Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi and more. These languages usually have a mix of English and the regional language. Now the browser has been launched to support Tamil language, what's more the Tamil browser boasts of a near-complete translation of all the terms. In the Tamil Mozilla browser, the options for 'file' are kopu, ‘preferences’ is viruppangal, and ‘copy’ is nagal yedu, among others.

Arun Prakash, an engineering graduate associated with the Mozilla Tamil Translation team stated that with the new Tamil browser there is no need for a Tamil keyboard. The browsers settings, history, tools or download instructions will all be available in Tamil and the keyboard shortcuts will take you to a Tamil browsing experience.

The Tamil Language project was coordinated and acknowledged by the Mozilla Foundation. The service has been launched at an event today and an official release from FSFTN states: “We will be officially launching the service at a function in Chennai today. The launching event is being organized along with the Mozilla Foundation."

Source: TOI

Silky Malhotra

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