Microsoft will release two major Windows updates every year

By Hardik Singh | Updated 13 Jun 2017
Microsoft will release two major Windows updates every year
  • The next Windows update will come in September and Microsoft confirms that each major release will now be supported for 18 months.

While some Windows users are still in the process of updating to the latest Windows version 1703, otherwise known as Creators update, Microsoft is hard at work to launch the next big update in September. The company has further confirmed that each year it will release two major updates to the operating system, further improving the OS and integrating user requirements. 


Microsoft is calling the new two-update-per-year strategy “predictable twice-per-year feature release”. These updates will be pushed out every year in March and September. This has been done to align with Microsoft’s other big software, Office 365 ProPlus, which follows the same update cycle. Each Office 365 ProPlus and the Windows release will be updated and serviced for 18 months. Microsoft says, this will help customers and will be easier to deploy in tandem. 

The next update for Windows 10, which is currently codenamed Redstone 3, is likely to bring new features such as 'My People' which was originally meant to be introduced in the Creators Update. We are likely to see some design updates to the OS, pictures of which were shared by Tom Hounsell through his Twitter account with the codename “Project Neon”. We are likely to see lot more in the September update.

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