Microsoft launches updated Windows Phone app for desktop

By Abhinav Mishra | Updated 31 May 2013
Microsoft launches updated Windows Phone app for desktop
  • The updated version of the Windows Phone app for desktop launched by Microsoft brings features such as expanded podcast support, simplified updates, flexible library selection along with many bug fixes

Microsoft has created a Windows Phone app for desktop which would allow Windows Phone users to sync media to PC.


The new app would save on time as users from now on will not have to manually sync files between smartphone and the laptop.

With the new app for desktop, users can now sync media files such as music and photographs from a Windows PC to a Windows Phone to keep things organised and easily accessible across multiple devices.

The update which is available for download now includes expanded support for podcasts. Podcast listeners can now sync any podcasts automatically to a Windows Phone.

Users from now on will enjoy the benefits of automatic notification when updates are available rather than having to head over to to update manually. Updates can now be downloaded via an "update" click.

The new app would give users more leverage over previous versions. Users from now on can sync any library or folder from their PC to their phone, including those on external drives. Windows have also worked on improving performance from previous versions based on user feedback with a many bug fixes.



Abhinav Mishra

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