Google reportedly working on 'Brillo OS' for IoTs

By Silky Malhotra | Updated 22 May 2015
Google reportedly working on 'Brillo OS' for IoTs
  • Google's new lightweight version of Android OS will help smart devices connect easily with each other.

Google is working on a new software called ‘Brillo’ for low-powered devices that connect to the internet. The internet giant is expected to reveal more details about Brillo at the upcoming I/O developer’s conference. According to reports, Google’s Brillo software will be able to power devices with 64 or 32 MB of RAM.


The internet giant is likely to release the software under Android OS, as the group developing the software is linked to the company’s Android unit. The lower memory will enable devices running the new software would mark a sharp drop from the latest versions of Android, which is aimed at mobile phones with at least 512 MB of memory. Brillo software will also work with sensors and dongles that comprise connected life. Currently Brillo is aimed at smart connected devices and would make it easier for other companies to build everything from “smart” fridges and light bulbs to garden monitors. Google had acquired Nest, which has a ‘Works with Nest’ framework developers can tap into via a set of APIs. The software will be a priority for Google as the software could power all Smart devices. Apart from this Google is also expected to make some announcement around Android Wear, a new Android OS dubbed Android M and new voice commands to access Android devices.

Apart from Google, rival Huawei has announced LiteOS at an event in China that aims at providing the "infrastructure companies need to build out connectivity in their devices." Earlier this month, electronics giant Samsung has also introduced the Artik line of hardware, which is aimed at “unifying wearables and other smart devices” with open software and Samsung hardware. Research firm Gartner reposts that the number of networked devices will surge to 26 billion units by 2020 from 900 million in 2009. Many device manufacturers have been making big bets on the Internet of Things, the concept of using sensors and other technologies to hook just about anything you can think of into the Internet. Research firm IDC says that the IoT market will hit $3.04 trillion by 2020.

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