Windows 9 start menu leaked in screenshots

By Hardik Singh | Updated 22 Jul 2014
Windows 9 start menu leaked in screenshots
  • Two images were leaked recently of a Windows developer build code named "Threshold", revealing start-menu & windowed apps.

In an earlier story we reported that Microsoft might be bringing back the loved start menu to the Windows PC platform. Now, newly leaked images have emerged of an early build codenamed “Threshold” which show “Metro-style” apps in the start menu and in windowed mode.


Microsoft has been criticized by users across the globe for taking away the start menu in the desktop version of the Windows 8 operating system. In April, at the Microsoft developer conference, the company revealed that it has plans of bringing back the start menu and now we have a developer build which has incorporated that new start menu. In the other image it is quite clear that Microsoft has incorporated “windowed” apps in the new build. The latest screenshots are of a build compiled on 13th of July and is a part of uip_dev feature build lab (FBL) where UIP means User Interface & Platform.   

We believe that the current developer build shown in the leaked images will also get incorporated soon in Windows 8.1 later this year via an update or it may only come in a new package called Windows 9 all together. If Microsoft do wait it out and make all changes in the new and supposedly upcoming Windows 9 we would have to wait till next year.


Source: Myce

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