Cyanogen Inc. lays off 30 employees, shifts focus to apps

By Digit NewsDesk | Updated 29 Dec 2016
Cyanogen Inc. lays off 30 employees, shifts focus to apps
  • Information circulating the Internet suggests that roughly 30 employees are being let go from Cyanogen Inc. Most of those let go belong to the companies open source division.

Cyanogen has laid of 30 people from its 136 people team. A large number of the laid off employees belong to Cyanogen’s the open source arm. It seems that employees were called into meetings, some of them in groups and told that they were being let go. 


Android police reports, “In Seattle, Steve Kondik himself is allegedly conducting the layoffs. At this time, we've been told roughly 30 out of the 136 people Cyanogen Inc. employs - around 20% of the workforce - have been let go. It's unclear if that number may change more in the coming hours and days. According to one source, the systems and QA teams in Palo Alto and Seattle have been heavily cut, with Cyanogen's smaller offices in Lisbon and India reportedly being essentially gutted. Community support members were allegedly removed, too.”

It looks like employees that were not let go were asked not to show up foe work that day. The ones that did show up were the unfortunate ones. 

If reports circulating the Internet are to be believed, then Cyanogen is looking to shift focus towards apps, although, “it’s not clear what such a pivot would entail.”

In India we have seen a bunch of devices launch running on the Cyanogen OS such as the OnePlus One, Lenovo Zuk Z1 and more.


Source: Android Police

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