Chrome Web Store gets Google+ recommendations and sharing features

By Tanmay Patange | Updated 4 Jul 2012
Chrome Web Store gets Google+ recommendations and sharing features

Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the perfect application or extension from Chrome Web Store, as it might be hard to see just how the app would work, without actually using of it. It often happens that we install some app or extension on Chrome browser, and remove it within few minutes of installation.


Google is the only social network from Google where we can discuss such issues with our friends. That is why we were expecting that Google would become a bigger and most important part of the Chrome Web Store experience. While we could discuss which apps to try out on Gmail, Google Talk or Google , it would be easier way to share your favorite apps with the rest of the world.

Just recently, Chrome team rolled out this new way of sharing applications on Google with the announcement on their official blog.  The Chrome Web Store now lets you easily share all of your favorite Chrome Web Store items with people in your Google circles - just click the 1 button that is located in the detail page of the Chrome Web Store app.

That new feature also allows you to review an app, extension or theme, and recommend it to anyone in your Google circles. To do so, you just have to simply click on the “From your circles” link which is located in the left category menu in the Chrome Web Store. Along with this it also allows new users to get Google recommendations or suggestions from the Chrome team. With the help of Google platform, it is possible for developers to get a trusted user’s point of view, reviews and even long-term support for their projects.


The apps or extensions that have been 1’d by someone in your circles will be indicated for you throughout the Chrome Web Store and that is why it should be easier for you to take the firm decision on choosing the right app for your Chrome browser. This integration of Google and Chrome should help you to share and discover some great new content with your friends.

Tanmay Patange

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