Chrome OS to support multiple Google accounts soon

By Vignesh Giridharan | Updated 31 Jan 2019
Chrome OS to support multiple Google accounts soon
  • The operating system that powers Chromebooks is finally getting support for multiple Google accounts.


  • Canary channel of Chrome OS gets support for multiple Google accounts.
  • The feature should appear in all Chromebooks soon.
  • New accounts can be added using the account manager.



You may have read reports about Chrome OS getting support for multiple Google accounts around September last year. Well, according to a recent report by Chrome Story, the updated Canary channel of Chrome OS finally has it. What it means is that support for multiple Google accounts will soon roll out even to the Stable version of Chrome OS. When it does, you should be able to add more than one Google account on your Chromebook using the newly added account manager.

According to Chrome Story’s report, the account manager is already available on the Canary channel of Chrome OS. For the uninitiated, Chrome and Chrome OS are available in four release channels: Stable (recommended for most regular users), Beta (for those wanting to try features still in development), Dev (for those wanting to experiment some more), and Canary (for those wanting nightly builds). The Canary channel is updated nightly and is the most unstable of the four channels as all new features in development are tested on it.


If you have a Chromebook and are on the Canary channel, you can access the account manager by opening Settings, then selecting People, and then selecting Google Accounts. You should then be greeted by a window containing this message as the title: “Manage your Google Accounts in one place”. Once you’ve added more than one Google account, you’ll be asked which account you want to use as default when you open an app (like Gmail) for the first time after that.

Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system developed by Google for use on its proprietary Chromebook devices. All Chromebooks come bundled with Chrome OS. It’s a lightweight operating system that primarily supports web applications. In other words, it’s an operating system designed around the Chrome browser. Like the popular browser, Chrome OS supports Chrome apps from the Chrome Web Store. In 2016, Google introduced Google Play Store support on Chrome OS and has since been trying to create a more seamless experience for Android users.



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